June 3, 2021

Why Boudoir?!

Want more from Jewel Boudoir?! Join our VIP Women’s only Facebook Group! We see posts and articles all over the place as to why YOU should get your booty into a boudoir session, but have you ever wondered why I want to offer you the boudoir experience? I am Julie Fridley. I own Jewel Boudoir,
June 3, 2021

Client Spotlight: Lindsay

Want more from Jewel Boudoir?! Join our VIP Women’s only Facebook Group! When I met Lindsay, I knew she would change my life and further solidify why I chose this career path. Boudoir photography is my passion, and during my journey as a photographer, I’ve been able to meet so many amazing women with differing
June 3, 2021

7 questions to ask your boudoir photographer before your shoot.

Finding the right boudoir photographer is a lot like dating. You search for a significant other that has the same values, interests, and lifestyle as you do and there are bound to be a few flops along the journey. But if you’re really lucky, you’ll form a connection with the right partner, or in this
June 3, 2021

Give your relationship a boost! 4 reasons to schedule a couples boudoir session.

In honor of Valentine’s Day and all things love, we’re switching it up a little this month and dishing on why a couple’s boudoir session is the PERFECT experience to boost your connection with your significant other. Here are four reasons why you should forget the flowers and chocolates and consider celebrating your love this
June 3, 2021

Lingerie not your style? 7 wardrobe options for your boudoir experience.

Want more from Jewel Boudoir?! Join our VIP Women’s only Facebook Group! Believe it or not, I have quite a few potential clients get in touch with me to say they’re interested in doing a boudoir session, but that lingerie just isn’t their thing. Well, as a professional boudoir photographer, I’m here to tell you
June 3, 2021

Why investing the the boudoir experience is an investment in yourself!

When you’re making an investment, you want to be sure you’re getting your money’s worth. While a luxury boudoir session may seem like an extravagant want for some people, for many it’s actually a need. Women need to feel beautiful, confident, and sexy. You just can’t put a price on the empowerment that boudoir brings
June 3, 2021

5 Tips to Prep for your Boudoir Session

If you’re reading this blog it means you most likely have a boudoir session coming up soon. Yay! I’m so excited for you to experience the magic of boudoir and can’t wait for you to see your finished gallery. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before we can gush over your gorgeous photos, there
June 3, 2021

8 Excuses for not doing a boudoir shoot

Want more from Jewel Boudoir?! Join our VIP Women’s only Facebook Group! 1. I need to lose some weight. You are the perfect size for your boudoir photos right now. Throw the scale out. You do NOT need to loose weight to look good in boudoir photos. That number does not tell you how sexy you are.
June 3, 2021

What is the best lingerie for your body type?

Lingerie….. Let’s face it, with so many different lingerie styles out there , it can be tricky to figure out which will look and feel best on your body. Whether you are an apple, pear, hourglass shape, petite, athletic or plus sized, every woman can pull off sexy lingerie. When it comes to body shapes and